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Indigenous Originated: Walking in Two Worlds is a collection of original poems, essays, short stories, and illustrations by ninth and tenth-grade students from the All Nations program at South High School in Minneapolis. This book also includes three hours of lesson plans, allowing other classrooms to craft their own stories around identity and power.

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Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute (MOI) empowers underserved K–12 students to think creatively, write effectively, and succeed academically alongside a community of caring volunteers. 

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What's with the wacky name?

We're glad you asked! Our wacky name serves a few purposes. First, it's a play on our beloved, landlocked state of Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes (but no oceans…yet). Second, we feel having a creative name allows our student authors to be more creative, too. It creates a space where anything is possible—even an ocean in Minnesota—and no idea is too big or too silly to be discussed and taken seriously. Lastly, MOI is a chapter in development for a nationwide network of creative writing and tutoring centers, 826 National. Each chapter has its own wacky storefront, from the Time Travel Mart in Los Angeles to the Greater Boston Bigfoot Research Institute, that allows it to connect to students, community members, and stakeholders. It is our ultimate goal to become a part of this network, including creating a storefront to sell mid-continent oceanographic merchandise and student works.




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