Watch for falling gummy bears!

We asked some of our after-school program students what they'd rather have falling from the sky for these past 24 hours of sleetish snow.  Their answers...aren't surprising.  Who wouldn't want candy falling from the sky?

Mike&Ike's thundersnow.

Mike&Ike's thundersnow.

"There it was showering down from the sky like hail.  It sparkled like the jewels in my earrings.  Can you guess what I'm talking about?  Gummy bears!  Delicious and scrumptious gummy bears.  Ever since I put that red, cherry gummy bear in my mouth in first grade, I've been obsessed with the stuff.  Why this candy?  Duh they are the best candy ever, and they don't get that dirty when they hit the ground.  Also, anybody can eat gummy bears.  They're not too sweet, not too chewy, and not too...gummy.  Now, excuse me, I have to go get an umbrella and a bucket to catch those falling bear.  Goodbye!"

-Auden, grade 7

"If I chose what was falling from the sky it would be EVERY CANDY IN THE WORLD because I like every kind of candy in the world.  But my favorite food is rice."

-Sumaya, grade 3

"One day I was playing outside with my brother and sister when all of a sudden a Mike&Ike fell on my head.  Then I looked up and saw a ton of Mike&Ike's falling from the sky.  I then ran inside to grab an umbrella to catch them in and I stood out there for the rest of the day.  (WITH BREAKS.)"

-Evan, grade 7