More Monstrous Writing from our students!

Last Saturday, Rock Star Supply Co. hosted National book prize winner William Alexander for a writing workshop entitled Making Monstrous Characters.  The workshop was totally free for students at our new location at University and Raymond Avenues in Saint Paul!  RSSCo. friend and student Lilly generously shared this spooky piece with us:

With each breath came a jolt of pain in my chest.  My legs were weak, my eyes, heavy, but I couldn't stop.  The sweet smell of blood was all that was motivating me.  I hadn't fed in almost a week now, and the deprivation was anything but keeping me alive.  The scent of blood lead me to a wooden deck.  By the moonlight, I was able to make out the silhouette of what looked to be a scrawny young boy.  As desperate as I was, I maintained my slow saunter, for if I had sped up, my meal would surely be aware of his fate.  Soon, I was a mere foot away from the boy.  I bowed down, preparing to pounce.  The boy turned, and at the displeasing sight of my matted coat and bloodthirsty eyes,let out a blood-curling scream.  I made my first pounce for his neck, and received immediate relief from the metallic taste lingering in my mouth.  At the sight of the lesion in his neck, he began gasping, unable to make any other sound.