Writing from our guests, friends and Musical Chairs champs!

Snippets from our Furniture Fundraising Party and Musical Chairs Championship!

Last night, Rock Star Supply Co. hosted guests, tutors and friends for a Musical Chairs Championship and Furniture Fundraising Party.  Here are some highlights from our table of writing prompts:

If you had a celebrity tutor, who would it be and what would they teach you?

"I remember when I was 10 and all I wanted, tutorily-wise, was Billy Joel to give me a piano lesson and Pele to give me a soccer lesson.  Looking back, I think "Why Billy Joel?"  And it really teaches you something about comfort - aesthetic comfort for sure, but also you go on liking what you like.  Which is at least as powerful as being moved by something like what you like. 

Also writing with a pencil makes your hand hurt and then you want to finish up and get home and listen to Billy Joel. 

School is much, much, much harder than math."

Describe a game of musical chairs from the viewpoint of the chair. 

"You know, these people.  They build us, keep us in warehouses, shrink-wrap us so we're huddled together unnaturally, then they lead us onto trucks, trains, boats, whatever.  And then we sit, crowded unpleasantly in another warehouse, until some other truck picks us us to bring us to a distribution center.  Then, finally, at least sometimes, we are broken apart, liberated, and end up standing alone in an office supply store, until someone purchases us and takes us home.  And then, a series of random bottoms go on us and off of us, with little rhyme or reason - what the heck?  And now, they want to make a game of it??!!  I was manufactured by children and shipped across the ocean for this??!! "

 "Ouch!  Not you again.  Do you realize that this is the third time you've dropped your full - and I mean full - weight on me?

Easy tiger, this is a fundraiser FOR chairs.  So show a little respect.  

Whew, the music is back on.  If only it could stay on for the rest of the night.  Seriously, that sax player is kicking it.  Why aren't we just chillin out in a dark, candle-lit room, listening to this cool jazz? 

Kiddies, it's time for games to end.   


black chair"