Fall Writing Workshops



Rock Star is hosting a series of workshops with local artists that teach writing fundamentals, while appealing to both reluctant writers and aspiring authors ages 11-14.

Making Monstrous Characters

Sept 14, 1-3PM

In this workshop we will create monsters and explore gleefully monstrous perspectives. Various writing exercises will guide us while we imagine these strange beasts and decide what they are, what they do, and what effect they might have on the world around them. Note that we can interpret the word "monster" as literally or metaphorically as we like. Your own creation might be a tantrum- prone sibling or a creature larger than the moon. By the end of the workshop we will write short story portraits of our monstrous characters.

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1,2,3 Story Workshop

Oct 12 and 19, 1-3PM

In this two-session course, you'll learn about what makes a great story, why 3-act structure and vivid characters matter, and how to have fun with plot and theme. By the end, you'll have written a short story, script or poem that will ROCK.

Music Writing Workshop with Logan Adam

Oct 26

What's the one thing you love more than hearing your favorite song on the radio? Writing about your favorite song! Students will write their own defnition of “music” and identify what it is that makes music – music! At the end of the workshop, students will have their own “This is Music” essay that will be posted on THE GARAGE's music blog GARAGE MUSIC NEWS. 


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