MOI Writing Contest Winners

The results are in for MOI’s “Let’s Celebrate Water” Writing Competition! Our guest judge, John Brandon, creative Writing Professor at Hamline U., had a hard time selecting from the “pool” of wonderful writing. Find out what he had to say below. If you want to check out all the published entries, click here.

WINNER:  “Superior”, by Medha F. (11th Grade, Great River School, MN)

All of the pieces were wonderful, but my favorite was “Superior”, by Medha. I was struck by the vividness of setting in this piece, conjured by the adept mixing of expected and surprising details.  The piece exhibits agile turns of phrase, a compelling narrative voice, and language infused with urgency.  Also noteworthy is the emotional verisimilitude that runs through the story, and the lovely sustained tension offered by the use of the 2nd-person point of view.  Something universal is captured here—like in much good literature—by the faithful pinning down of the specific and personal.


Runner Up: "Fiesthvnenne", by Ciara C. (South High School)

This piece, “Fiesthvnenne”, was lively, guilt-ridden, and generous.  I was compelled by the strong sense of anxiety, which grew out of the subject matter and the tone of the prose and also out of the form, which was characterized by many choppy paragraphs.  I admired the way new information was gradually, reluctantly released throughout the story, allowing the writer to keep me pleasantly disoriented but also informed enough to want to read on.  This piece treats its topic thoroughly--a well realized, fleshed-out work.

Thank you everyone who participated! Look for more information coming from MOI in the near future!

MOI’s 2015 Writing Competition was hosted by  – “The Online Global Community of Young Writers”