Check out our New Furniture!

We received new furniture for the space and couldn't be more thrilled! Thanks to an anonymous donor for livening up our space with several pieces of furniture. 

These yellow chairs came to life in our students' creative writing stories.

Here are some of our student's creative writing prompts about the new furniture.

Ephraim: At the chair factory. Today was a cold snowy day. The storm wind sounds boomed in the factory. Many people worked together to get me and my friends in boxes. “To St. Paul!” one of them said loudly (dramatic lightning). The ride was very traumatic. The entire box shook and slid. I’m very worried for Robert and his wife Heather. They seem way more worried than me. They would hold on to each other only if they had hands. After awhile we landed in St. Paul and we were shipped to MOI. It is great there!
Sahur: One day, yellow chairs were sent to MOI by an anonymous donor. The chairs thought that the car they were in wasn’t nice enough for them. They were absolutely horrified by the place they were in. They expected that the place would be a luxury place like a five-star hotel lobby or a celebrity’s house. Or at Buckingham Palace in England. They think they are way too good for this place. One day, an unsuspecting child came and plopped down in the chair, where he would read his book. But then out of nowhere the chair he was sitting in jumped up and down until he fell off. The child told James. James thought it was a prank. He sat on the chair to prove that it wasn’t “enchanted” when he sat down. It spun and swallowed him up. The people never sat on the beautiful yellow chairs again.

These tables and chairs are perfect for our energetic students creating a short story during Bookmaking and Storytelling Field Trips. They also get a lot of use during After-School Homework Help.

chairs tables.jpg

MOI is even more sea-like with these one-of-a-kind Nick Dahlen murals. Check out his website for some more unique artwork.

We bring the ocean to the sidewalks with Derek Pasley's artwork in the windows, from Apropos, creating an inviting atmosphere. 

fish window.jpg