Marvelous Manatees—We're Moving!!

That's right—the Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute is moving! In summer 2018, MOI will be making the voyage to a new location in the Seward neighborhood of South Minneapolis.


We're so excited to share this news with you. We know this move is going to be great for MOI, and the people we work with. Our new location is closer to the communities we currently serve and will allow us to continue building our community.


As you may know, we offer five free programs to students in the Twin Cities: After-School Homework HelpStorytelling & Bookmaking Field TripsYoung Authors’ Book Project, In-School Tutoring, and Creative Writing Workshops. Each year, MOI serves over 1,600 students in the Twin Cities, and we can't wait to serve more.


We are Minnesota's premier portal for creative writing, giving muse and amusement to kids as they captain the stories of their lives. These programs will continue as usual for the remainder of this school year, and will not change after we move. In fact, we expect to see them expand in our new space as we are able to reach out to more families and partner with more schools!


Here is our new space:



We know, we know. It's not exactly the most bioluminescent place. But that's where you come in. As part of our Give to the Max Day campaign, we're calling on friends, family, and community members to support our Voyage Fund, which will not only help us calm the seas during travel, but will also help us get our new vessel ship shape. Whether you donate or share (or both!), know that your support keeps us afloat. We couldn't do what we do without you!


Students will be provided with an open tutoring floor, a reading corner, computers, and sonar equipment to track the creatures and ideas that lurk deep in the ocean. Our caring volunteers and signature programs will also be voyaging with us. The MOI you know and love will be the same, just in a new location where more people can know about us and love us.


We're happy as clams about this move, and the opportunities it will bring for everyone involved. There's an ocean of possibilities across the river—come find them with us.


#MOIVoyageFund x #GTMD17