One Month, Two Books!


It's been an incredible month here at MOI. Our staff, students, and volunteers celebrated the publication of not one but two (!) books written by our students. 

Adventures Within Another is our second Young Authors' Book Project publication, written by 41 ninth-graders from Como Park Senior High. Prompts like, "What do you hear when you think of home," and writing about a cultural artifact have led to a powerful anthology of poems and essays that address the people, places, and things shaping their everyday lives. 

You can hear our Como Park authors read pieces of their work later this summer at Moon Palace Books, June 12th to be exact. Listen to the authors of the future and have a couple refreshments! 

Student authors autographed their published stories in  Loud as a Crowd . 

Student authors autographed their published stories in Loud as a Crowd

Loud as a Crowd is our first-ever chapbook of poems and stories by our After-School Homework Help students, published in-house. Our Writer-in-Residence worked with students on daily writing prompts at the Writing Table (but only after their homework was finished, of course). The chapbook contains our students' favorite pieces they wrote at the Writing Table. You can find poems about sea creatures and anecdotes covering anything from magical pandas to the weirdest day - EVER.  

As we finish up our programming for the 2016-2017 school year, we couldn't be more proud of our students. From learning the basic elements of stories to adopting writing as an everyday hobby, the students across our programs have discovered something new about writing and themselves!

We look forward to launching our summer programming - stay tuned for more student work and volunteer opportunities