Student Writing: "Cigars" by Leonce Corder-Campbell

As I smell the tobacco from the cigar

I remember my uncle

My uncle Sid


He used to smoke a lot of cigars

The tobacco had the very strong scent of burning wood

Every time I smelled it, it would burn my nose

The cigars would start making me cough

Then I would run outside

While my uncle was making a hotbox

Even when I was outside I could still smell it


Some days he and I would go to the park

He would smoke some more cigars

Maybe three to five Black & Milds

They had a white tip with a black wrapper

Four inches long and the size of your pinky 


The other kids would look at him

They would whisper in their ears 

Point and laugh at me

Even though many other people smoke at the park. 

He would sometimes embarrass me


He told me not to smoke cigars or cigarettes

I promised him I wouldn't 


He was really, really wise

He was the type of guy who would know a lot of intelligent people 

Like Malcolm X 

All the presidents


He would also tell stories of what not to do in life

He regretted doing many of the things he told me 

The choices that he made when he was a young man 

He would tell me not to make these mistakes that he made 


I promised him I wouldn't...

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