Student Writing: "Ideas for a Monarch Butterfly" by Luzbella Zepeda-Rubio

Dear Monarch Butterfly, 


There is some important stuff that I have to tell you about being a good butterfly on the planet Earth. 

I am going to warn you to watch out for enemies and people who have nets. It is your duty to pass pollen from flower to flower. I am going to tell you this now: in winter, when it is cold, you should fly south where it is warm, in Mexico. Oh yeah, when you are going south to Mexico, you should fly with other monarch butterflies. When you get to Mexico, look for shelter and food. Be sure to stay with the other monarch butterflies. 

Once in a while, you should stop and rest and eat something because if you do not, you will be tired and starve. Be careful not to eat poisonous things, like a poisonous snake. You can tell if something is poison by seeing if other animals are poisoned when they eat it. Drink clean water. Be careful when you go to the south to Mexico with your group of monarch butterflies because you do not want to get lost. One final note: you should listen to what I say because if you do not, you will not know what you are going to bump into next! 



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