Student Writing: "The Son of the Sun" by Noah K.

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Dear Son of the Sun, 

Hi. My name is Noah. I just wanted to give you advice about your job. It may seem hard. But you will someday have to be like your dad. So here is your advice: First, listen to your dad. He will teach you how to be the sun for us people. Second, try not to stay up too late. Please be on time because we do no twant to see the moon all day and all night. And we want more daytime than night. If there was no light, there would be no life on Earth. Do not get too close to the earth; the eart will get too hot and emlt. Do not get too far away from Earth. It wcould get cold and freeze. 

Out in space, you will see big stars. They may look mean and really tall, but do not be scared of them, I know that they are nice. You will see nice stars, too! They are very nice. You should be friends with them. One final note: You should be aware that, once in a while, there will be black holes trying to suck you up. They are just bullies. So just do not fight back. If you do, it will just make it worse. Everyone will think you are a bully too, just like the black holes! And if you walk away, nothing will go wrong. Keep moving on. You will do just fine. Lastly, do not whine to your dada a lot; it will look like you are a little baby. Oh yeah, and try not to snore. 

From your friend,


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