Student Writing: "I Am Not A Terrorist" by Hawi

I am Muslim
Not a terrorist

I'm a Muslim girl
No, I am not a terrorist
So think twice before you judge me, brother
I'm just a human being like you
With different beliefs and culture

I was born and raised in Islam
Believing one God
Who is Allah
I believe Islam means Peace

But social media has warped how people think
With assumed terrorism tearing my family apart
Mom from her son,
Son from his mom
Tearing apart
People trying to make their country a safe place

But all this started because of people who would assume all Muslims are bad
It started with slavery
People taking control of what wasn't theirs

Showing me the fake side of them
Making me believe
Those smiles are real but all they do is
Go behind my back and
Kill my people

Sorry that I'm a little protective
But I'm not a terrorist
I'm not telling you to love me, brother
Just think twice before you judge me

Love comes later,

Hawi wrote "I Am Not A Terrorist" as part of the Young Authors' Book Project with Como Park Senior High School students. She is featured in our #WriteOurTwinCities initiative video.