Matching Gift Alert! 🚨

"I imagine a Twin Cities where every place has a PlayStation."


At the Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute, we value the voices and stories of our students, which is why we're including them in our #WriteOurTwinCities initiative. One MOI student, a regular attendee of After-School Homework Help, imagines a Twin Cities where every place has a PlayStation. Samantha, the Executive Director at MOI, imagines a Twin Cities where every student is the author of their own life—both on the page and out in the world. We all have visions for the world we want for the students of the Twin Cities and the world. Continuing to work toward these goals is something we're passionate about, and we're happy as clams to see that others are also supportive of our work. So far, our #WriteOurTwinCities campaign has raised $2,325 from 25 donors! Thank you to everyone who has donated, and to those who have shared the campaign.


It's not over yet, though. We've just received word from Captain Plankton that we have a generous $10,000 matching donation from the Morning Foundation. In their words, the Morning Foundation supports MOI because “we believe that they are making a critical difference in the lives of our Twin Cities youth. MOI not only provides highly beneficial instruction for students, they also inspire them, increasing their achievement and motivation, and helping them to envision a more positive future.”


However, the Morning Foundation has challenged us to raise this $10,000, and their match could be at risk if we don't raise that money by the end of our campaign on October 17. That means we have three weeks to raise $7,675. But MOI is a big-hearted organization with big-hearted supporters, so we know that, together, this goal is possible. The children of the Twin Cities need our help. Donate today to help MOI reach its $10,000 goal and preserve the Morning Foundation's generous matching gift.