Student Writing: "Time Stealer 3: The Stealer's End"

By: Rafi

You were wondering where did I go.

I will tell you right now.

I was tired, hurt, and hungry. My arm was bleeding everywhere so was my head.I got out of the time machine. I was in year 2344 and I fainted. I woke up and some guy was taking care of me.”Where am I and who are you.” I said. “My name is Erick O’Ryan and your my great great great great uncle.” “Where did you find me?” I said. “I found on you the street and looked at old pictures and you were in it.” Erick said “Where’s my time machine?” I said “I put it in my garage and I thought you would be dead by now.” Erick said. “What do you mean?” “You were going to die tomorrow.” “WHAT! I have to go now.” I went into his garage and pressed 2017. I landed somewhere. I got out and helicopters were looking for me. I pressed a new button called teleport and I teleported to my house. But there were police officers their. I went back into the time machine and I thought I could start a new life in 2006. It teleported me to a TV show Bill nye the science guy. Everyone saw my time machine on live tv security came. I ran in my time machine but the guards opened the door and punched my face and kicked me. I kicked both of the guards in the face and got in my time machine Bill tried to get in but I punched him. I pressed 2017 and there was a black hole. I didn’t know what was happening. Then I ran to a kid who was about to get killed by a lamppost. Then when I ran time stopped and I ran and caught him and then time was back to normal . “Are you ok!” I said. “Where is my mom?” The kid said crying. I ran the kid somewhere safe. I ran to the science lab and I found the man who made the time machine...Jonathan. “What is happening!”I said mad. “I don’t know?Wait you were in Bill Nye the science guy. Time has changed because of you.”Jonathan said. I ran to the wormhole.  “GO GO run! Goodbye everyone.” I said. I ran so fast running around it. BOOOM BOOOM.



“Well you're awake.”


"Time Stealer 3" is the third in a series written by Rafi, an After-School Homework Help student. Rafi began the Time Stealer series on his own time and adds to it as he can. We're sharing "Time Stealer 3" as part of National Storytelling Week as we emphasize the power and value of storytelling and student voice. There are many ways to tell a story, and one of them is fiction! We hope you enjoy.