Trivia for Cheaters!

Meet Octavioço.* Octavioço enjoys eating crab, solving Rubik's Cubes, and using his eight arms to multi-task. In his free time, he also loves trivia—and cheating.

That's why Octavioço has been chosen as our official Trivia for Cheaters mascot. But wait a second, you may be asking yourself, what's Trivia for Cheaters? It's a good thing you're here, because Octavioço knows all about it. Let's start with the details:

This year, MOI will be hosting our second annual Trivia for Cheaters fundraiser in conjunction with Trivia Mafia to benefit our programs and upcoming move. Last year, we raised over $13,000 to support our programs and students. This year, for Trivia for Cheaters: the Second Coming, we want to beat that, and to do that, we need your help.

Trivia for Cheaters is a peer-to-peer fundraiser. What does that mean? It means each team needs to raise $1,000 to play (that's about $200 per person). But you don't have to pay for all of that unless you want to. Instead, try reaching out to your networks to ask for donations—if one person gets 20 friends, family members, neighbors, or strangers to give them $10 each, they'll reach their goal. Of course, the more money you make, the more money you have to cheat later (and that's the way to win), so keep that in mind when you're asking around! 

Speaking of cheating, this trivia tournament allows cheating! Finally, a trivia tournament where you can use your phone. That is, if you pay for it. The funds you raise from your friends/family members/etc. go toward your cheat bank on the day of the event. Then you can use it to "pay" for cheats to help you win—or to make sure another team doesn't win. (We use quotation marks around "pay" because the cheating occurs with imaginary money, and all the real money goes to MOI and our students.) There are a variety of cheats you can buy with your money, so make sure you use it wisely—or raise a ton! Check out our cheat page for a sneak peak at some of the possible cheats, but keep in mind there might be others that sneak up on you.

Do you still have questions? Ask away! We have a FAQ page, plus you can always email us with any other questions you have.

Ready to sign up? Great! We're so excited, too. Go here to create your team and start raising money. Don't forget, the more you raise, the more cheating you can do.

For more cool information about octopuses in general, check out this video.

*Artwork by Taylor Baldry.

TL;DR: Trivia for Cheaters is on March 20, and you should join us! It's for a great cause, and it'll be tons of fun.