First Mate of the Month: Henos


How does it feel to be the First Mate of the month?

I don't know. 


How long have you been coming to MOI?

Lemme check. I've come 48 times. [Captain's Note: Students get to track their attendance for prizes.]


What's your favorite thing about MOI?

When I'm done at the Writers' Table, I get to play math games, so that's my favorite part.


What's your favorite snack you can get at MOI?

I like the tortilla chips and the snack cookies and the cake that looks like brains and tastes like blueberry. I also like candy stuff and chips.


What's your favorite season?

I like July because that's when my birthday comes. I like when it's Spring Break, too.


What's your favorite dessert?

Every candy and everything that has sugar.


If you were an ocean creature, real or created, what would you be? Why?

A shark, because it eats people and it eats fish and if I was a fish, the shark would eat me! So that's why. Or maybe actually I'd rather be an electric eel, because that's my avatar. [Captain's Note: Students have cartoon avatars with their names on them that they can use to collect points and answer questions on the board!]


What's your favorite book?

 Scary ones! All scary ones.


When you're not diving deep with us at MOI, what do you do?

When I go outside, I play with my remote control car. I'm in second grade.


If you were a superhero, what would your power be?

I'd be like Superman! He can fly fast, and he's super strong, and he has laser eyes!


If your life were a book, what would its title be?

Awesome Rockstar.


What's your favorite writing prompt?

All of them! I don't know which one I like most.