First Mate of the Month: Lucy


How does it feel to be the First Mate of the month?



How long have you been coming to MOI?

Since last year.


What's your favorite thing about MOI?

I have a couple:

  1. Snack! Snack is good, and whenever I'm hungry, I can just eat my snack.
  2. The tutors here. They're nice and they play Catch Fish with me. [Captain's Note: Catch Fish is MOI's version of Hangman!]


What's your favorite snack you can get at MOI?

OK—what I was just eating. I love the cherry vanilla yogurt, but also what's fun about snack is that Natalie [Captain's Note: our Volunteer and Evaluation Coordinator] knows what I want already and gets it for me. I also like the blueberry muffin cakes. I love those. Every single time, I get those. Or if we don't have those, I get the chips.


What's your favorite season?

I like Fall, because there's a lot of leaves I can jump into, but I don't really like Spring or Summer because it's really hot and there are mosquitoes at night.


What's your favorite dessert?

Oh my gosh, I have a lot. I like ice cream cake—so good—and then I like chocolate ice cream. And then I also like chocolate chip cookies and then I also like the blueberry muffin cake snack. And that's it!


If you were an ocean creature, real or created, what would you be? Why?

I would be a dolphin, because they make a lot of sounds and they're so cute. They also have the little spout that sprays water. They also communicate with each other and they're super smart.


What's your favorite book?

I like Junie B. Jones, especially the one about Warren. I like when she talks about herself.


When you're not diving deep with us at MOI, what do you do?

OK, I go to the YMCA and swim. I sometimes get my brother from the Y to pick him up. And my uncle comes over to my house and we'll go to a restaurant. And on the weekends with my dad I go to the Mall of America to spend time with him. And I go to church on weekends. I'm also in the 4th grade.


If you were a superhero, what would your power be?

My superpower would be—I have a couple. One is flying, because I love flying and want to fly, and I could just fly to MOI. And my next one is to be able to save people whenever they're in danger, or I can find things when they lose something.


If your life were a book, what would its title be?

Lucy's Fairytale [Captain's Note: Lucy also wants to include every MOI staff member and volunteer!]


What's your favorite writing prompt?

I have like three:

  1. So my first one is the treehouse one, and why I like it is because I can write what I want to bring if I have to spend a month in a treehouse.
  2. My Favorite Place, and why I like it is because I've been to a lot of places and I want to talk about why I like them.
  3. In My World, and why I like it is because I can think about what's my world going to be in the future and what my favorite world would be.