Student Writing: How to be Awesome

Last week at the Writers' Table, we gave each other advice on how to be awesome. Here are some of the greatest hits—try some of them out, and let us know how you feel!

Eat whatcha like

(Sumaya, grade 6)




Put your favorite music on.

Dance and sing along.

(Selama, grade 4)



Read comics

Daydream whenever

(Suheyla, grade 4)



Be confident

Be proud of yourself

Be yourself

(Melat, grade 4)



Put your hair in a french braid.

Dress good by wearing jeans.

Shave your mustache!

Keep your phone in your pocket.

Go to MOI.

(Lucy, grade 4)



Go to a concert of your favorite singer.

Meet your idol.

Challenge yourself.

(Hodan, grade 8)



Be nice.

Give hugs.

Tell someone how awesome they are.

Play basketball.

Be yourself.

(Aisha, grade 6)

The Writers' Table is a space for our After-School Homework Help students to work on their writing skills, both in fiction and nonfiction, as well as editing. After they finish their homework, students join our Writer in Residence, Ellen, for a different writing prompt each day, with plenty of options for exploration of their own interests and passions.