Trivia for Cheaters Recap!

Two animated animals live in the fictitious Minnesota town of Frostbite Falls. Name both of those species of animals—and be specific!

Sound familiar? If you were at Trivia for Cheaters on Tuesday, March 20, it should—this is one of the questions inspired by this year's Young Authors' Book Project!

If you aren't sure of what that means, Trivia for Cheaters was our second annual fundraiser hosted by MOI in conjunction with Trivia Mafia. Each year, MOI hosts a fundraiser that is just as quirky as our organization—from Musical Chairs for Cheaters to Trivia for Cheaters, we want our events to embody our organization. We were excited to give our adult participants and supporters the opportunity to experience the fun, wacky, and creative programming that MOI's students experience with us all the time. The goal of these events is, first and foremost, to raise money to support our mission.

Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute empowers underserved K–12 students to think creatively, write effectively, and succeed academically alongside a community of caring volunteers. We do this through our 5 free creative writing and tutoring programs: After-School Homework Help, Creative Writing Workshops, In-School Tutoring, Storytelling & Bookmaking Field Trips, and Young Authors' Book Project. Your support of Trivia for Cheaters (and MOI) go toward improving the quality and reach of our programs, as well as ensuring they remain free for all students.

And, thanks to your support, we were wildly successful in that!

We raised $18,167!

This year we also had the additional goal of raising money for our upcoming move to South Minneapolis. As our programs grow, MOI is looking forward to setting sail to Minneapolis, where we will strengthen our current ties to our community, and form new ties. This summer, we look forward to putting down roots in our new location, which will feature a library, a store, our staff office, and a wide, open space for our programs and community events.

Of course, as with any event, our other goal was to have fun! Our community works hard to ensure our students are receiving the support they need, and we wanted to give you an opportunity to relax and enjoy yourselves! As an education nonprofit, we know a thing or two about hard work (and homework), but we also know that sometimes all it takes is a good, competitive game to brighten your mood.

Speaking of fun, after the event, one of the participants shared this quote with us:

Trivia for Cheaters was an absolute blast! It was a unique, fun way to raise money in support of the great work done by Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute. I plan to spread the word about the organization and use the off-season to hone my fundraising and trivia skills before next year’s event.
— Trivia for Cheaters 2018 participant

We hope all participants had a blast, but we also hope all our supporters—whether you joined us for the event, supported a friend's team, or watched along on social media—know the impact of your support. To empower our students to think creatively, write effectively, and succeed academically, we need all hands on deck, and we were overjoyed to see how many supporters stepped up for this event.

All the contributions to the event are going to our next generation of authors, who are writing their future with your help. We couldn't do it without you!

Most importantly, we're bioluminescent with joy that everyone had fun! Check out all the pictures of our devious teams!

And there was plenty of fun to be had! Not only did we raise $18,167, we also had 235 donors, 62 players, 15 teams, 8 volunteers, and ONE victory: by Belief and Porpoise! But really, everyone won.

If you're looking for ways to be involved with MOI between now and next year's Trivia for Cheaters tournament (keep an eye out in March 2019!), check out our volunteer page!


And if you made it this far down, the answer was a moose and a flying squirrel—it's Rocky and Bullwinkle!