Happy National Volunteer Month!

April was National Volunteer Month! Although we didn't have a chance to do as many volunteer features as we would have liked this month, we still want to take time to appreciate our awesome volunteers. (Our sea star volunteers, that is!)




So far this year, we've had:

1,176 volunteer hours!

484.5 tutoring hours (at homework help)


85 volunteers (this includes at our programs and in out-of-program projects, like copy editing!)


And the year isn't over yet!

We just want to take extra time to say an extra thank you to our volunteers! We couldn't do nearly as much work without our volunteers. From editing our newsletter to helping with extra-tricky algebra problems to playing endless rounds of catch fish [Captain's Note: it's like hangman, but more thematic and kinder], our volunteers are always game to step up and do as much work as possible. No matter their personal areas of expertise, our volunteers can be counted on to try their hardest to do anything we need! And we appreciate it. As a sign of our appreciation, we're polling our students for a top-secret, end-of-year thank-you gift for our volunteers, but here's a sneak peak of some of the things our students have to say about our volunteers:





And we couldn't agree more. Thanks again to all our volunteers! And if you've been thinking about volunteering but haven't been sure, consider this a sign! Check out our volunteer page, volunteer features, and email Natalie for more information!