Student Writing: "Famous in February"

Famous in February

by Johnny, grade 5


I have to be careful of Jojo the ugly bobcat

But I don't need to worry about Larry the hairy bat


My short, rough fur is brown, white, and sometimes black

I burrow for food but I always come back


My whistle warns the 'chucks in my colony of danger

Coming from something bigger and stranger


Digging down in a garden and under the walk

I see a fat fox and get a real shock


My friends call me all kinds of names

like a whistle pig

When I don't see a shadow

I do a jig


P.S. I'm a groundhog

The poem "Famous in February" is from this year's Young Authors' Book Project, The Bold, Untold North. The authors were 5th graders from John A. Johnson elementary. In particular, Johnny, the author, has two dogs and one cat, and likes to play PS4 for fun.