Student Writing: "All the Lies I Told My Teacher"

All the Lies I Told My Teacher

Elijah, grade 9

All the lies I told my teacher,

Because of her disrespect.

Teachers piss me off so much

I barely get time to reflect.

But a student can't tell them anything

without them getting upset.

She likes to yell,

I'm not the one who starts.

I tell her one thing

and she takes it straight to heart.

I want to show her how I feel, maybe she should become a

     students and I a teacher.

I'm the type to skip her class, and my excuse would be me

     getting a seizure.

My teacher made me write this poem

about all the lies I told my teacher.

Elijah was a 9th grader at Como Park Senior High School when this piece was published, in May of 2017.

"All the Lies I Told My Teacher" comes from an anthology of student work, Adventures Within Another, published for our second annual Young Authors' Book Project. In this program, MOI staff and volunteers work with students to write, edit, and professionally publish a complete book over the course of a school year. Buy a copy today!