Student Writing: "Don't Mess With Me"

Don't Mess With Me

Le'Niya, grade 5

LeNiya Montgomery Skunk Option 2.jpg

I'm black with white

you can't see my fur at night

even when it's light


I like tall trees

but not when there are bees


I'm an omnivore

not just an herbivore


I use my sharp teeth to munch

I like to eat a bunch


Rodents, fruits, birds in eggs

and I never have to beg


I am smaller than the others

but one day I'll be as big as my mother


My tail is furry

the smell will make you leave in a hurry


I stunk up the room

because I am a Skunk

Le'Niya lives with her mom in Saint Paul. She likes to watch YouTube, espercially Minecraft videos. She is going to be a pediatrician because she likes babies and is a good babysitter.

"Don't Mess With Me" comes from an anthology of student work, The Bold, Untold North published for our third annual Young Authors' Book Project. In this program, MOI staff and volunteers work with students to write, edit, and professionally publish a complete book over the course of a school year. Buy a copy today!