Student Writing: "Sight-Seeing on Planet Leao"

Sight-Seeing on Planet Leao

Matthew, grade 5

Come see the grand opening of Planet Leao, where you can have a lot of fun doing activites, eating, shopping, and at the end of the day, you can sleep at a five-star Moontel!

Where we live on Planet Leao, it is not too hot and not too cold. Planet Leao is the third planet from the sun in the Galactic galaxy. To get there, find a spaceship with people boarding. Ask if it will take you to Planet Leao. Then board.

You can come anytime, but lights out at .0333. There are ten hours in a day on Planet Leao with one hundred minutes in an hour. So .0333 is 2:10 p.m. on Earth. At the end of the day, if you are tired, you can sleep at the four-legged Moontel in a bed with legs. Do not forget that if you tell the bed to go somewhere, it will move on its own. If you get dirty, you can use the black hole shower where the dirt will be sucked off of you.

For fun, come to the Bored Buster amusement parrk, where you can go mining in the Leao mines, swim in the color-changing waters, eat cool food, and meet new people. Everything is free. When you are hungry, you can eat at the Food Farm café. The café has:

  1. Hot dogs made of dogs
  2. Moon cheese
  3. Eckto juice
  4. Apple chips and more!

The food tastes like Earth food, but you are on a different planet. All of the food grows on food trees.

Matthew is ten years old. He has always wanted to go to Hawaii because it is warm and fun and he can go hiking and swimming. He has two cats named Wicked and Rex. He loves the color blue because it is calming.

"Sight-Seeing on Planet Leao" comes from an anthology of student work, Up, Up, and Away, published for our first annual Young Authors' Book Project. In this program, MOI staff and volunteers work with students to write, edit, and professionally publish a complete book over the course of a school year. Buy a copy today!