Student Writing: "Tips to Build a Paper Airplane"

Tips to Build a Paper Airplane

Angel, grade 5

When you want to fold an airplane, first get a paper of any color. The paper has to be strong, stable, light, and you need to be calm because you can concentrate more. Also, it is better if you fold it the hot-dog way. The reason why you would want to build a paper airplane is that it is fun. You can put things you want like a deck of cards on the paper airplane, and the airplane will carry them. The paper airplane might not fly as well if it is ripped or folded after you already have it folded like a plane. If the airplane gets wet—like twenty drops of water—then for sure the airplane will not fly at all because water is the paper airplane's worst enemy. Water will make the airplane rip and fall. Make sure you do not throw the airplane too hard because your arm might start hurting. If you have a blank paper, you might want to design the paper before you fold it. Do not put more than one item on the paper airplane. When you put things on the airplane, make sure it is balanced. Hope you had fun building the paper airplane.

Angel is eleven years old. Her favorite color is black. Her favorite foods are sweet, sour, or spicy foods like orange chicken. What she likes most about Farnsworth is that she can learn about space and search for things in the unknown space. Her favorite hobbies are listening to all kinds of music or playing soccer.

"Tips to Build a Paper Airplane" comes from an anthology of student work, Up, Up, and Away, published for our first annual Young Authors' Book Project. In this program, MOI staff and volunteers work with students to write, edit, and professionally publish a complete book over the course of a school year. Buy a copy today!