Student Writing: "What I Hear"

What I Hear

Snay, grade 9

The white back door squeaks slightly.

I finally made it home. I hear

My family talking about life

Paying bills,

going shopping,

three stories of squeaky stairs.

My brother plays video games,

double-couch, gun shooting,

light-polluted, car racing,

People shouting out the window,

Footsteps on top of us, rythyms below us

Ceiling floor wall window door sounds

These are the sounds I hear every day,

this is the world I live in.

Snay lives with their two brothers, one sister, and parents in a house. Their favorite food is Asian food. Snay likes to play PS4 on Saturdays.

"What I Hear" comes from an anthology of student work, Adventures Within Another, published for our second annual Young Authors' Book Project. In this program, MOI staff and volunteers work with students to write, edit, and professionally publish a complete book over the course of a school year. Buy a copy today!