June Newsletter: Jumping Jellyfish, It's June


The end of the school year brings the start of new projects and partnerships


Letter from the Executive Director


Have you ever seen a cuttlefish? They are highly intelligent but very strange-looking sea creatures. So strange looking that they almost seem like one of the imaginary sea creatures our students dreamed up. But a group of cuttlefish, a society one could say, is MOI’s monthly giving program. Donors in the Cuttlefish Societychoose a meaningful amount to give us every month to help sustain our programs. This type of support ensures continuity and stability in our organization.

We always appreciate these tried and true donors, but we are especially thankful for them this month. We have moved out of old home in St. Paul and have started construction on our new center in South Minneapolis. Their support is key to helping us through this exciting time of transition. To all our current members, thank you for keeping our ship afloat.

And we are recruiting new members! Joining the society comes with many perks like MOI swag, invitations to our events, and special shout-outs from our young authors. If you love our work and want to ensure we feel your support year round, join the cuttlefish society today!

Join us,

Porthole into Programming


Authors, ahoy! MOI is elated to be working with Pillsbury United Communities (PUC) to deliver creative writing programming to students in our new neighborhood of South Minneapolis. The MOI Crew will work together with PUC staff, Summer Reads volunteers, and high-school STEP-UP interns to support elementary-, middle-, and high-school students as they craft exciting pieces of writing at the Brian Coyle and Waite House community centers.

MOI’s own Writer-In-Residence, Ellen, will kick off our elementary summer series with simile self-portraits. Older students will work on creating never-before-seen sea creatures complete with richly detailed nature guide entries describing their habitats, adaptations, and stories of discovery. Plus, keep an eye out for the fielding of new sports as imagined by teens at Brian Coyle.

Pillsbury United Communities has served South Minneapolis families for decades. We are overjoyed to share these opportunities with their staff, students, and volunteers this summer. MOI is working hard to put down roots in our new community before officially dropping anchor at our new location this fall. Keep your eyes peeled for great pieces of student work all summer long!

In the News

"After-school program cuts leave thousands of Minnesota kids without somewhere to go."
MOI is proud to offer a space for all students to do their homework and grow as writers.

Join Us

Join the Cuttlefish Society, MOI's monthly donation program, to keep our program sailing smoothly. Members get an MOI hat, an annual copy of our YABP title, and access to exclusive MOI events and content!

Student Spotlight

Here’s what 2nd-grader Henos wrote in response to the poetry prompt, “What are some good reasons to write a poem?”

 Because I went fast
on a motorcycle.
Because my friend
did it.
Because I got a new
remote-control car.
Because it’s so cool.

Supporter Spotlight

unnamed (1).jpg

This May, we hosted an event in our new space to raise funds to renovate. One of our student authors spoke to Dave Eggers about the importance of MOI in her life, saying, "At MOI, they're respectful and kind and they're a good family." We were convinced, and many supporters were, too—we received a $30,000 match from the Maggie Foundation in honor of Maggie Mithun. A whale of a thank you to all of our generous supporters, who are making our big dreams for our new space possible, one gift at a time.