Open to students in grades K-12, After-School Homework Help is one of the five branches of programming MOI offers to help students think creatively, write effectively, and succeed academically. As a key part of our After-School Homework Help program, students engage in weekly creative writing prompts and activities at the Writers’ Table. Each semester, MOI publishes a collection of our after-school authors’ work.

In December, the most recent anthology was published and was based on the themes of power and empowerment. Students considered big questions like, What is power? What is your power? Who empowers you? How do you empower others? Authors in grades K-8 contributed to the chapbook and had some amazing responses. Here are a just few of them:

I am a Mirror

Halima, grade 5

I am a mirror.

I reflect the kindness of my mother.

The empathy of my sister.

The strongness of my brothers.

The smartness of my dad.

The loveness from my married brother.

The encouraging words of my friends.

I reflect the goodness around me.

for that…

I am known.


Munira, grade 8

I am

a new person in a

big country.

a tiny

fish in the big


a little

flower in the

middle of the


I am ready

to start exploring

this big country

my dream

has just


“I am something inside budging hard.”

Rihanna, grade 5

A Wish

Yunis, grade 1

let the earth be beautiful

let there be butterflies

let the sky be bright the birds singing let the

people eat snacks and let the home be


Principal Escape

Sabir, grade 1

I will escape. I cancel school and I will cancel food except Hot Cheetos. I will be a bad principal.

Reflecting on these pieces, we look forward to seeing what other amazing things authors in our After-School Homework Help will write and publish next!