Trivia for Cheaters 2019!

Did you know cheating can help students succeed at writing?

Trivia for Cheaters 2019 is only a few weeks away,
and we want to get YOU involved!


Who? You and up to four other people (to make a winning team!)

What? Five rounds of trivia where cheating is allowed—if you’re willing to pay for it.

When? Thursday, March 14, from 7–10 p.m.

Where? La Doña Cervecería

Why? To benefit MOI’s five free creative writing and tutoring programs: After-School Homework Help, the Writers’ Room @ South High School, Creative Writing Workshops, Young Authors' Book Project, and Storytelling & Bookmaking Field Trips.

How? Keep reading!

This year, MOI is hosting our third annual Trivia for Cheaters fundraiser, to help support our programs and young authors. Last year we raised more than $18,000 to benefit our programs and students. This year, we hope to beat that. To do that, we need your help.

Trivia for Cheaters works best by fundraising socially, peer-to-peer. Each team needs to raise $1,000 in order to play, which is about $200 per person. If you don’t want to pay all of that yourself, reach out to your networks. If 20 friends, family members, neighbors, or strangers donate $10 each, you’ve already reached your goal. Remember, the more money you raise, the more you have to cheat with later (and that’s the key to winning).

So, tell me about this cheating, you say. The funds you raise go toward your cheat bank on the night of the event. You can use your funds to “pay” for different kinds of cheats to help you win—or to keep another team from doing so. (All cheating is paid for with imaginary money—“sand dollars” if you will. All the real funds go to supporting MOI and our students.) The more you raise, the more cheats you can buy. From peeking at an extra hint to sending an opposing team a round of (brain-boggling) beer, the opportunities are endless.

Any more questions? Check out our Trivia for Cheaters website or email us with any other questions you have.

Ready to sign up? Great. We’re as excited as you are. Click here to create your team and start raising money. Don't forget, the more you raise, the more cheating you can do.