Volunteer Appreciation Spotlight: Kara Forde

MOI is grateful to have so many dedicated volunteers who are passionate about ensuring students have the support they need to build strong reading and writing skills. Recently we caught up with Kara Forde, an MOI crew member passionate about early literacy and narrowing the achievement gap in education to learn why she enjoys volunteering with MOI.

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July Newsletter: "How to Feel Awesome"

Letter from the Executive Director: Want to feel awesome? Consider joining over 50 other MOI supporters and donating today.

Porthole into Programming: We’re partnering with Pillsbury United Communities and courageous heARTS this summer—check out what we’ve done and what we’re doing.

Dive Deep: A special thank you to our supporters and partners who have helped us as we move this summer.

Join Us: Volunteer or visit during Greenway Glow and Open Streets MPLS: Franklin!

Student Spotlight: Check out these future oceanographers who joined us at Open Streets MPLS: Lake + Minnehaha.

Supporter Spotlight: Shoutout to all our generous donors who are helping us round the corner as we move!

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Student Writing: "Give Selama Hot Cheetos Every Saturday"


Give Selama Hot Cheetos Every Saturday!


My holiday would be Give the Queen Hot Cheetos Day, who's not really a queen but calls herself that and her servants. Anyways, if you don't give the Queen Hot Cheetos, then you will get sentenced to death and chained to handcuffs. Anyways, the Queen got a tummy ache because, kids, Hot Cheetos are not healthy for you. And now Minnesota is selling Hot Cheetos at the gas stations that you would see, and you don't want to turn out like the crazy eating Queen!

Selama is an After-School Homework Help student. This poem was featured in MOI's first chapbook, "Loud as a Crowd," published last Spring.