Young Authors' Book Project Books

Each year, Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute partners with a school in the Twin Cities for its Young Authors' Book Project. Students work alongside MOI volunteers and staff to write, edit, and publish an anthology of works. To learn more about YABP, go here.

The Bold, Untold North

The Bold, Untold North is a collection of writing by fifth-grade students from John A. Johnson Achievement Plus Elementary, who spent months crafting these original poems with guidance from Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute. From lady slippers to flying squirrels to lynx to wolves, The Bold, Untold North captures the wildlife of Minnesota from the unique, joyful perspectives of these budding young writers.

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Adventures Within Another

Adventures Within Another is a collection of writing by ninth-grade students from Como Park Senior High School who spent six months crafting these original works with guidance from the Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute. This anthology spotlights the next generation of writers whose poetry and prose explore the people, places, and things shaping their burgeoning personal and cultural identities.

Up Up and Away Front Cover.png

Up, Up, and Away

Up, Up, and Away is a collection of writing by fifth-grade students from Farnsworth Aerospace school, who spent months writing these original works with the help of the Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute. From travel guides to alien planets to advice for chihuahuas on successfully piloting a hot air balloon, Up, Up, and Away captures the unique and extravagant voices of the next generation of writers.