In-School Tutoring

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We support teachers by placing MOI-trained tutors in Twin Cities’ classrooms seeking additional one-on-one support for students. Currently, we offer this program at three schools: Como Park High School, Justice Page Middle School, and Bancroft Elementary.

Como Park Senior High

Provide classroom support at Como Park High. Volunteer tutors give one-on-one academic support to students who failed two ore more classes. (Volunteer commitment of 1 hour per week)

When: Beginning in October           

Where: Como Park Senior High, 740 Rose Ave W, Saint Paul

Justice Page Middle School

Provide one-on-one classroom support to students. (Volunteer commitment of 1 hour per week)

When: Beginning in October            

Where: Justice Page Middle School, 1 W 49th St, Minneapolis

Bancroft Elementary

Provide classroom support in kindergarten classes at Bancroft Elementary. Volunteer tutors at Bancroft will work one-on-one to support students in mastering their of numbers and shapes. (Volunteer commitment of 90 minutes per week)

When: Beginning in October

Where: Bancroft Elementary, 1315 E 38th Street, Minneapolis