Young Authors' Book Project

In our newest program, classroom teachers, volunteers, and staff work together to support students in the creative process of writing original works around a theme. Illustrators, designers, publishers, and printers collaborate with students and classroom volunteers to create a professionally published anthology by Spring of each school year. 

Up, Up, & Away: Advice and Adventures from the Future Authors and Astronauts of Farnsworth Aerospace


Throughout the 2015-2016 school year, MOI volunteers worked consistently with 60 fifth grade students at Farnsworth Aerospace to professionally publish a book. Each piece was written by a student author who workshopped their story side-by-side with our volunteers and staff. A talented team of illustrators, designers, editors, and publishers volunteered to help bring our finished product to life.

Inside you will find advice pieces, travel guides, and travel diaries all written around the aerospace-driven theme of Up, Up, & Away. Students were given creative license to interpret the theme as they saw fit. We asked simple questions to jump-start students in each of the different styles. For pieces in the advice section we wanted to know: Who or what would you see if you looked up? What kind of advice would that thing or creature need? For travel diaries we asked students to ponder and report what types of things they would do if they could fly anywhere in the known, or unknown, universe. Finally, for the travel guides we asked students to write what travelers could expect to find, do, and eat at an aerospace destination of each student’s creation.