Frequently Asked Questions


What is this, again?

Trivia for Cheaters: The Second Coming is a trivia tournament of wits, strategy, and cheating. Join Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute on Tuesday, March 20 at Hook and Ladder in South Minneapolis for a fundraiser event unlike any other in the Twin Cities. Grab 4 of your best (or most devious) friends for a trivia tournament of 5 rounds, 5 questions each, and plenty of opportunities to cheat your way to the top.

All funds raised before and during the event will benefit Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute. Trivia for Cheaters is put on with Trivia Mafia.

To cheat! And, more importantly, to support MOI's five free creative writing and tutoring programs, and our upcoming move to South Minneapolis.

We hate to admit it, but your wit, charm, and extensive knowledge of Game of Thrones trivia won't be able to help you get all the answers. What can help you win, though, is raising money to buy cheats that will answer questions for you and disable other teams. Each team must raise $1,000 to be eligible to play, but the more you raise, the more cheats you can buy, and who doesn't love cheating?

What am I raising money for?

Wait a second…is this real trivia?

Is Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute a real oceanographic institute? Yes and no. We use our whimsical theme to connect to students, volunteers, and supporters, but you won't find the Crew on the ocean anytime soon. Trivia for Cheaters will have plenty of real trivia questions—25 of them, in fact—but there will also be plenty of ways to cheat your way out of answering them.

The ultimate Trivia for Cheaters champions get a trophy, t-shirts, and bragging rights (until next year). In addition, during the silent auction portion of the event there will be prizes from the Urban Growler, the Guthrie Theater, First Avenue, Somerset Amphitheater, the Minnesota United, and the Science Museum of Minnesota! This is one event you won't want to miss.

What can I win?

Each team must register on our fundraising portal in advance. Your team's page is used to track and receive all of your donations! Each team must raise $1,000 to be eligible to play.


To create a team:

  1. Access our Trivia for Cheaters portal here.
  2. Click “Become a Fundraiser” at the top of the page and choose “Create a team.” You will be prompted to type in your team’s name and a fundraising goal. Your team goal to play is $1,000, but if you surpass that, we won’t complain! (Plus that's more money for cheats later on.)

To join a team:

  1. Access our Trivia for Cheaters portal here.
  2. Click "Become a Fundraiser" at the top of the page and choose "Join a team." A list of existing team names will appear, and you can select your team or search for them by name.
  3. If will prompt you to create your individual fundraising page by filling out a fundraising goal and a headline. Your personal goal to play is $200, but if you fundraise more than that, we won't stop you there! You can also upload a photograph.

To donate to a friend's team/page:

  1. Access our Trivia for Cheaters portal here.
  2. Scroll down to the "Start Fundraising" header. Type in the name of your friend or team you want to support in the search bar. Make sure to specify whether it's an individual fundraiser or a team that you're searching for through the drop down arrow.
  3. Once you're on their fundraising page, click "Donate" on the upper left-hand side of the page. On the next page, type in the specific fundraising individual you want to support on that team in the text bar provided. Click on their name.

To share a page with friends, families, strangers, pets, etc.:

  1. Copy and paste the URL of your team or individual fundraising page and start sharing! You can include it in an email, a Facebook post, a Tweet, or a blog post.
  2. Phew! That was easy.

Cool! How do I register?

Spectators are welcome! Come watch the trivia tournament for a $5 door charge.

What if I just want to watch?

Who designed those outstanding octopi?

We're glad you asked—Taylor Baldry! He's one of our astoundingly awesome artists. Check him out here for all your octopus-related needs (and any non-octopus-related needs, too).

We want to make sure we have the most frequently asked questions for the biggest cheaters on either side of the Mississippi, so we want all your wildest questions. If you have a question, comment, or great joke, email Danielle at

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