Get Involved

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Work with the next generation of writers through our after-school, field trip, and in-school programs. 

For any questions about ways to join the volunteer crew, email

If you’re interested in tutoring, leading a workshop, or partnering with MOI in any way, please attend a new volunteer orientation. All volunteers are required to attend orientation before working with students. Upcoming orientation dates can be found on our calendar. 

Tutor qualifications include:

  • Willingness to learn along with students

  • Responsiveness to students' changing needs
  • Desire to share personal experiences and inspiration
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Patience of a manager, persistence of a groupie

Time commitment:

  • 1-2 hours per week, including drive time


  • MOI needs volunteers at our new headquarters at 2388 University Ave W (the corner of Raymond and University) for 90 minute weekly tutoring sessions on weekdays between 3-6pm
  • MOI tutors are also invited to work at Como Park High School, Ramsey Middle School, or Bancroft Elementary.  

MOI supports tutors with:

  • Tutor training, so you know what to expect when working with students
  • Content support, so they can brush up on algebra (Lest they be rusty!)
  • Ongoing opportunities for reflection, so you can discuss how sessions  are going together
  • Performance feedback, so you can understand the difference you're making in a student’s life